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Restaurant owners and employees alike often neglect to engage in suggestive selling and upselling when taking telephone orders. With online ordering systems, messages intended to entice customers to try new items, add to their orders, and/or take advantage of special deals are right on the web page in the form of text, images or a combination of the two. In many instances, the end-result is a larger tab.

Miscommunications and misunderstandings between customers and the employees who are recording their telephone orders are very common, especially at establishments with language barriers. These lead to food preparation errors. Online ordering allows orders to be electronically transmitted directly to the kitchen, eliminating food preparation inaccuracies that stem from such miscommunications as well as the costly, time-consuming process of re-making each dish as directed and delivering the replacement to the customer.

Online ordering systems free up restaurants’ telephones for customers who prefer to place their orders with an employee. The shorter the wait to reach a restaurant by telephone, the less likely patrons will be to hang up in frustration and place an order elsewhere. What’s more, fewer ringing telephones means employees can spend extra time assisting callers, increasing customer satisfaction and again bolstering the likelihood of stronger customer loyalty.

When new customers order online, their names become part of a database that can then be used to create a loyalty program and distribute last-minute, on-the-fly offers to generate business during slow periods or direct attention to new menu items.

Online ordering systems also make it easy to track and analyze sales patterns, as well as to determine whether and how customers are responding to discounts, coupons, and other offers. This actionable information can be used adjust menus, promotions, and the like to better meet patrons’ needs and increase the potential for repeat business.

Services that connect consumers with the online ordering systems of multiple local restaurants are becoming increasingly popular. Partnering with one of these services makes it easier to attract customers who may not otherwise have known about your establishment and its offerings.

Your restaurant might not be opened 24/7, but online there is no reason why you shouldn’t be available for every customer, thus make money even while you sleep. Give your clients the flexibility to place the orders whenever convenient for them, even outside your business hours. They will just schedule a preferred pickup or delivery time within your working time. When you open, you already have a to-do list to review and to start acting on.

It is much easier and considerably cheaper (or even free) to create and maintain a good looking online menu. Not only that the printing dependencies are out, but you are also flexible in changing your menu as often as you need. You can easily test different placements of your dishes in the menu, setup daily offerings or handle items with limited availability.

Online reservation for customers help them extensively save time and prevent them from any kind of disappointment faced when your favorite restaurant does not have a table for you when you just arrive without any prior booking. Also when your table is booked in advance you avoid the waiting time at the restaurant and schedule many other things before and after your meal accordingly. Its a great sense of relaxation for anyone whose table is pre-reserved, as he can utilize the booking time somewhere else and can arrive at the restaurant anytime.

For customers advance Reservations works the best when it comes to any special occasion like Birthday, anniversary or any other event, its always best to book a table or more before hand and get the other arrangements done accordingly.it gives a personalized feeling and make you feel proud.

Confirmation of booking helps in effective and efficient Restaurant management, including decisions like menus, amount of food to be prepared, presentation, decoration and seating arrangements. It helps manager to make special measures if demanded by customers, like any special table or space, baby seat etc. so thats how you make sure your guest is contented and happy with your Restaurants service.

On special events like Valentines Day or Christmas, with the help of booking system you can maximize the capacity and utilize the available resources & space more effectively to accommodate desired number of people.

It allows self-service booking by customers online that minimize time spent during busy business hours taking booking calls, also avoid customers being diverted to answering machines when Restaurant is closed instead take automatic bookings and send SMS or E-mail for booking confirmation automatically.

Restaurants owner can create your own database, customers details can be collected from reservation and booking history, this information then can be used to reward customers through a royalty program or personalized service to the customer in future. The customer relationship personnel can use information to effectively market your restaurant via e-mail or SMS. Booking confirmation Email or SMS along with details of booking may contain upcoming events or special promotions. That will keep the customers curious about your restaurants latest offers.

Facilitates orders and payments instantly and accurately. Unlike other ordering systems, sends online payments directly to your restaurant. Instead of waiting for a third-party to collect YOUR money and send you a monthly payment, you can have your online transactions sent directly to your existing merchant account.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are higher at restaurants that use Webo Restaurant. The convenience of ordering online and the accuracy of each order helps create happy customers. Happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers order more frequently.

Customers know their online orders are accurate with Webo Restaurant. You will eliminate all of the common errors associated with taking orders over the phone. Fewer errors lead to happier customers and less cost.

Integration of payment gateways PayPal.

You can accept orders 24/7.

Online inventory and menu is more easy to manage.

Multiple languages can be added with only few clicks.

Benefits Features Why Us Try Demo Pricing FAQ's Order Now