Desktop Application Development

Webo Technologies is a knowledgeable software development company providing software development services since 2010. Our set of software development services covers most of business applications including finance, manufacturing, accounts and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Forget the traditional installable software application for your network or personal computer. Hold the new age and go for a web application for your business. Our customized web application development will enable you to run and control your business online. You'll have the power to see your business from any place just from a web browser. Web applications for business help you to manage your office as well as client related functionality online. This way you become independent from geographic limitations and can grow your business sooner.

Webo Technologies has skilled full team that can be aware of your specific business requirements and come up with a customized software application development. Our team is highly knowledge in Microsoft technologies like .net and we can build any sort of custom solution to meet your business goals. Our documented come near help both parties understand each other in a better way that leads to better project understanding and off course, better quality software development work. We provide custom software development for all sorts of businesses whether small and net setup or an organization with hundreds of employees.

We'll help you understand the benefits of software outsourcing and the way it is done. Our team is very good at coordination and has a toolset that will enable you to do business with us without losing any error on your work. We guarantee you cost saving, timely delivery and an overall profitable and long lasting experience. You can outsource any sort of projects to us; whether it is a small website, an ecommerce portal or a social community powerhouse. You can trust us and we'll deliver your imaginings at a much lower cost and with a good experience. As modern business people you know how big and small businesses benefit from offshore software development. We have all ingredients ready to assist you get your software and web applications developed offshore.

Advantages of Desktop Applications Development Services


Synchronizing and automating of your business processes


Scope of Globalization


Increasing the productivity


Rich functionality and user-friendly interface


Running offline and independently of web-browser


Multi platform app development (Windows, Mac and Linux)


Customizing to your specific needs


Utilization of latest technologies and tools for the projects


Easier control over looks and features


Vulnerable Points fixation with complete control and security


One-time investment and very rare maintenance and reoccurring costs


Utilizing technologies of Java, C++, .NET Framework, etc.

Why Choose Webo Technologies for Desktop Application development?

Experienced Developer

Fits in your budget

Worked with many clients round the globe

Attractive and responsie layout is important

24*7 customer support

100% client satisfaction.

Technologies We Use

Visual Basic










Java Script


SQL Server


Microsoft Access